Hawks GP2 Grout


HAWKS GP 2 GROUTS(Installation Grouting)

HAWKS FLOOR HARD NM is a pre-mixed emery based dry shake floor hardener which contains graded high-quality Emery/quarts aggregates, Portland cement and special additives. The emery/quarts aggregate used are have excellent hardness and are chemically inert. This resist polishing and provides a non-slip skid resistant surface even in wet condition. Being non-metallic, it will not rust. HAWKS FLOOR HARD NM is available in natural grey color but special color can be.



Hawks GP2 Grout is alkaline and should not come into contact with skin and eyes. Inhalation of dust during mixing should be avoided.
Gloves, goggles and dust mask should be worn.

If contact with skin occurs. It shall be washed with water. Splashed to eyes should be

washed immediately with plenty of clean water and medical advice sought.
Hawks GP2 Grout is nonflammable.