Surakshaseal 2K


SURAKSHASEAL 2K (2 Pack System)

SURAKSHASEAL-2K is a two-component cementitious and modified acrylic flexible waterproofing coating. It is composed of best quality Portland cement, properly selected & graded aggregates, additives and acrylic emulsion polymer as a binder. It is applied to waterproof and protect concrete and masonry substrates.

Specially formulated for swimming pools, pile heads, water tank, sumps, bridge decks, and wide variety of extreme service class structures, because on curing it forms an excellent elastomeric waterproof and protective layer over the substrate.



Surface must be sound and free from dirt, dust, oil, grease & loose particles. Clean the surface using the wire brush thoroughly and clean the dust and other loose particles very well. Examine brick bat koba and masonry in wall and floor and repair cracks and hollow portions, if any repair it with mortar prepared by using HAWKS SURAKSHACOAT. If concealed pipes are deteriorated, remove koba or screed and get it repaired. Wash the surface by using clean water before application.