CARNIVAL is a semi acrylic Hi-antifungal exterior paint.  It is an ideal paint for all those structures you want to protect & beautify. With a wide warry of shades that encapsulates color to beautify building structure exteriors as well as interiors.  CARNIVAL carries an assurance of protection for the surface painted.  Visual appeal coupled with arm our like protection makes. CARNIVAL a preferred exterior acrylic paint.  Purity of the product and precise formulation of the paint assures surfaces benefits its users with performance to the maximum in terms of aesthetics and durability.

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About Carnival


Highlights of CARNIVAL: A user of CARNIVAL will benefit in various ways. These benefits revolve around three key features of this premium paint product.

Beautiful Aesthetics: CARNIVAL painted surfaces have a smooth and soft-velvet like finish. A classy sheen to it in brilliant and beautiful shades, enhances the aesthetic appeal of the painted surfaces. CARNIVAL can resist color fading immensely which results in maintaining the aesthetic quality of the painted surface.  A firm bonding property of the paint, further assures and enhances the aesthetic quality. Available in a range of full-bodied colors, richness in color is a hallmark of CARNIVAL.  A hi-hiding quality makes sure that patches and grey shades of the surface are not seen on the painted surface.  High yellowing resistant.

Extreme Protection: Protection from nature.  CARNIVAL painted surface provides its users with a assurance of protection to the maximum against variety of elements of nature.

Weathering- Extreme climate conditions of monsoons, heat and cold fail to effect an CARNIVAL painted surface.  CARNIVAL is fully protected against UV degradation.

Scratch / Abrasion Resistance- The painted dry film’s strength makes it resistant to scratches/


High grip & bonding property – Paints with lower amount of resin fail to bond well and tend to crack and peel easily. CARNIVAL  is made from the purest and the best acrylic resins in higher proportion For high grip and bonding.

Protection from alkalis – Cement plaster and concrete contain elements that are alkaline in nature. CARNIVAL is alkali-resistant and thus protects the surface from erosion due to these alkalis.

Suits coastal/marine conditions – CARNIVAL is waterproof which makes it a suitable paint for

Coastal areas and places with high level of humidity and rainfall.

Algae resistant – Special additives in CARNIVAL, make it a hi-antifungal paint & protect the surface from

Algae, mildew and mold.

Resists Chalking & Blistering – The breathing action of CARNIVAL allows moisture vapor to escape, reduces peeling problems and makes it resistant to chalking and blistering.

Painters Convenience

Ease in mixing and consistently smooth creamy solution is a painter’s delight. This enables ease at brushing and gives an excellent flow and leveling of the paint over the surface.

These qualities also enhance spread ability which is seen in wider coverage of surface.)

Directions of Use

The performance of the product is directly related to the adequate surface preparation and application instructions prescribed.

Surface Preparation

Make the surface clean and free from loose or poorly bonded materials and any growth of moss, algae or fungus by vigorous wire brushing. Wash the surface clean with water.

Horizontal areas like top of awnings, parapets, sunshades, where water normally accumulates or ponds, Should be well repaired to prevent such accumulation.

Any damage in the structure, cracks or voids which may cause water penetration should be repaired before application.

Large voids or cracks should be filled or repaired with HAWKSEAL-SUPER , for smaller cracks or voids, use *Hawkseal-KS” .

*HAWKSEAL-KS is an acrylic based highly adhesive sealing compound and HAWKSEAL-SUPER white cement based crack filling compound from HAWKS PAINTS & COATINGS PVT. LTD. that is used for sealing of cracks & voids for stopping leakage & seepage completely.

Carnival TDS File